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Youth Counseling

WellHome Psychology provides therapies for children and teens ages 8 to 19. We offer individual counseling for a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns including:

    • Anxiety/ Worry • Depressive Symptoms • Poor Attention • Hyperactivity • Self-Esteem and Identity • Sleep Concerns • Grief and Loss • Persistent Unhappiness • Self-Harm • Suicidal Thoughts • Change in Life Circumstance (i.e., Divorce, Moves, Adoption, etc.) • LGBTQ Social Stress • Sibling Conflict

How are sessions with children and teens conducted?

As WellHome Psychology strictly works with individuals and families in home- and community-based settings, a variety of options are available for appointments. Our therapists most often meet with children in the home with a parent/guardian involved in the entire session (or most the session) depending upon the presenting concern. This is important especially in the beginning as the child and therapist develop a therapeutic relationship and for communication to occur between everyone involved.

Therapy sessions can occur in other places (i.e., library, park, school-setting) when determined to be appropriate and mutually agreed upon by parent/guardian and therapist. The following are some of the areas considered when determining appropriateness for community-based therapies: age, developmental stage, emotional and behavioral concerns, and safety concerns.

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Individual Counseling

Therapists at WellHome Psychology engage clients in individual therapy- a process of developing insight and awareness into one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Some individuals struggle to understand and heal from past events while others worry about relationships, a sense of security, or employment. Individual therapy provides a safe and compassionate environment where we can explore your internal and life experiences and address any issues that are causing distress.

At the beginning of the therapeutic relationship, we will establish goals for what you want to accomplish in therapy and start to develop a plan on how to achieve those goals. We will validate and support your life experience and work to over-come barriers that interfere with a sense of balance and well-being. Individual therapy can also be a process that increases self-actualization and fosters meaning in your life.

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Couples' Counseling

Providers at WellHome Psychology adopt a direct, engaged, and active approach to helping couples with a wide range of problems including:

    • Communication Difficulties • Repairing and Rebuilding • Conflict Resolution Skills • Infidelity • Newlywed Adjustment • Parenting • Adoption • Divorce • Sexual Concerns • Financial Stress

What do couples' therapy sessions involve?

Sessions revolve around pragmatic approaches to strategically address and resolve issues clients bring to therapy. We help you identify problems, understand why past efforts at addressing these problems may have been ineffective and develop alternative solutions.

Couples' therapy sessions with WellHome Psychology are conducted in a supportive, empathetic and hopeful manner where you are free to discuss whatever is on your mind and weighing on your heart. Therapists are skilled specialists with the training and knowledge to help couples create lasting changes in their relationships. We believe in the life-enhancing benefits of strong and vital relationships and help you bring peace and resolution to your struggles.

Take the first step in resolving a problem.

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Family Counseling

WellHome Psychology provides services for family units who come to therapy for a variety of concerns including:

    • Divorce • Separation • Mental Health Symptoms • Adjusting to Life Transitions • Sibling Conflict • Adoption • Grief/ Loss • Stress
What is Family Therapy?
Family therapy is a form of counseling that involves the whole family and seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the systems of interactions between family members. Family therapy is not intended to "fix one person" or "fix a problem," but it is setup to support and build positive relationships and communication within the family unit.
The Family Unit
"Family" in counseling is defined by individuals who are connected through relations, adoption or temporary care, and those involved in interactions and caretaking of day-to-day life. Every family is comprised uniquely. In family therapy, the "client" is considered the entire family. Therefore, focus on one member of the family is limited so that the family can process and work through concerns as a team.
What will we do in family therapy?
Each counseling session will vary depending on the needs and goals of the family unit. In family therapy, the process and work will be focused on how the family is functioning and communicating. The therapist may ask family members to participate in new types of communication and practice verbal and physical expression in session. Family therapy homework will be assigned for the family to work on together outside the session.

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